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$53,618 RAISED!!!

Our first PTO Chargerthon Warrior Challenge ended with HUGE success!! Not only did we exceed our $30,000 goal, we raised $10,624 to donate locally to St. John’s County School District ASSIST (Aid & Support for Students in Sudden Transition) Program. This program is currently assisting both staff and students in our school district left homeless as a result of Hurricane Matthew. The money donated will go directly to helping those staff, students and families.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lilly Rivera and Josh Korth, who were the top two students and combined raised $1,495. Enjoy the tickets to SeaWorld (Lilly) and Aquatica (Josh) because you both earned it. Way to go Lilly and Josh!! CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Olson’s class for raising $2,375!! Your pizza party is around the corner!!

Our school administrators and two staff members will be SLIMED on November 22nd during two morning assemblies! The following students will participate in the 1st assembly sliming: Lily Rivera, Josh Korth, and Gianna Tennent. The following students will participate in the 2nd assembly sliming: Joslyn Turner, Olivia Turner, and Ben Jolles

The fundraiser would not have been a success without the support from so many parent volunteers, the school administrators, teachers, and school staff. Thank you to Ms. Harrison, Mr. Stoddard, Ms. McCormick, Ms. Carlson-Bright, Mr. Davis and his team, Ms. Ades, Jenny Dupree and Andrea, Mr. Torr, Mr. Sutton, and Ms. Brossart for providing input and support!!

Thank you to the Prize, Publicity, Obstacle Course and Reporting Committee volunteers - Robyn Lilac, Jennifer Perlmutter, Amy Beyer, Brandy Homeyard, Amy Beasley, Jennifer Sicilian , Lorie Schvet, Allison Zif, Jen Hughes, Susan Moore, Heather Meyer, Amy Kaminsky, and Nikki Cady.

In addition to Committee volunteers, thank you to those who volunteered on the Middle School and/or Elementary School obstacle courses Jenny Mahne, Melissa Hooker, Shannon Pickles, Angie Simonds, Liz Hart, Reanna Morrison, Suzanne Mailloux, Aimee Decaria, Stephanie Scisco, Beth Williby, Sara Cottrill, Usha, Julie Chapman, Liz Hulbert and Mr. Hulbert, Farah Nesargi, Ryan McMurry, Kelli Dicey, Yify Ebner-Winkler, Johanna Karlsson, Naveen Modali, Sireesha Nandula, Kellie Westercamp, Heather Stover, Theresa Scully, Tonya Porter, Jennifer Guske, Shelley Ryan Economou, Tracy Hendricks, Lorene Bessman, Melinda Tolitsky, Vonetta Flowers, Beata Hunter, David and Leonie Halstead, Ashley Brumagin, Meredith Connell, Al and Sherry Cortes, Ana Luna, Heather West, Rebecca Grech, Melinda Chesser, Molly Laster, Shae Bryan, Jessica Millsaps, Amy Regan, Luke Roy, Mary Broadwater, Jennifer Green, Jennifer England, Mildred Gray, Ana Miller, Waleska Garcia, Teresa Rodriguez, Jamie Trulock, Cynthia Barton, Erin Maxwell, Brenna Dacks, Joel Perlmutter, Amanda Mafinejad, Mr. and Mrs. Carrah and many others who showed up and helped. You might have gotten a little dirty, sweaty, and smelly, but hopefully it was worth it watching the kids have so much fun!!

A special thanks to Robyn Lilac, Jennifer Perlmutter, Eric Thompson and Ed Pazden for going above and beyond!!! Also, a special thanks to sponsors 2Teach, Weaver and Stratton, and Bella Pizza!!


Diane Thompson
PTO Board

Important: In the event your check bounces for any event/item, you will be required to pay the original amount required and the bank fee within 48 hours.

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